Event Title

Friday, 29 July 2022, 04.00 p.m.


Marilyn Mazur Special 4 featuring Norma Winstone 

Norma Winstone: vocals

Jakob Buchanan: flugelhorn

Makiko Hirabayashi: piano

Klavs Hovman: bass

Marilyn Mazur: percussion/drums

Five passionate, seasoned and congenial musicians create a fascinating, multifaceted and irresistibly beautiful sound.

Marilyn Mazur's quartet featuring Danish and Japanese members is itself enough to create a whole new musical dimension. Norma Winstone brings the magnificent, endlessly diverse talent of one of today’s best jazz vocalists. Marilyn Mazur’s aesthetically flawless, imaginative and wide-reaching compositions combine the five voices to create a crystal-clear, delicately interwoven yet extremely powerful, energetic musical universe that takes you to far-away worlds full of adventure, frequently surprising the audience with seamless changes of direction. 

As a percussionist, Marilyn Mazur skilfully uses a large range of instruments in her performances, and is also an outstanding composer. She played regularly for Miles Davis and other US greats for many years. She has a long-standing working relationship with the members of her quartet, while she and Norma Winstone are also very close. The London-based vocalist is rightly known as one of the few current grande dames of jazz singing, demonstrating an unerring instinct when using her extremely versatile voice to perfection.