Event Title

Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio


Friday, 31. January 2020

16.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr - Jazz im Museum Tinguely


Wolfgang Muthspiel: guitar

Larry Grenadier: bass

Jeff Ballard: drums

With his long-established top-notch trio, this Austrian guitarist and composer delivers a wide spectrum of sophisticated jazz lyricism.


But the trio’s soundscape also impresses with its propulsive groove, unexpected effects and dramatic mood swings. Their consciously cultivated, intense and fabulously assured interaction, honed over many years of musical collaboration, their unique sonority and stupendous profundity make performances by these three seasoned jazz personalities a resonating experience. The harmonious, intricately interwoven and yet highly expressive, elegantly flowing compositions by their bandleader give them ample room to inject their individual voices and create their own personal highlights.


Born in Vienna in 1965, the multi-award-winning, highly innovative virtuoso Wolfgang Muthspiel is considered one of the best and most influential guitarists of his generation. He spent many years in the United States, where he worked as a sideman with numerous jazz greats. He moved back to Europe at the start of the new millennium, has been teaching in Basel since 2002, and can be heard on more than 30 CDs as bandleader and co-leader. His two brilliant and accomplished fellow musicians from California are ideal accompanists and his equals in every way.