Event Title

In conjunction with Culturescapes Polen

Vladyslav Sendecki & Atom String Quartet


Friday, 25 october 2019

16.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr - Jazz im Museum Tinguely


Vladyslav Sendecki: piano  

Mateusz Smoczynski: violin

Dawid Lubowicz: violin

Michal Zaborski: viola

Krzysztof Lenczoscki: cello

The renowned pianist and composer, now living in Germany, presents an amazing mix of jazz and classical.

Having teamed up with an equally gifted string quartet, the classically trained Vladyslav Sendecki is now able to live out his two great musical passions. Born in 1955, Sendecki began listening to the music of Weather Report and Mahavishnu at the age of fifteen. Despite already being acclaimed as a great classical pianist, it was then that he acquired his taste for jazz – a musical genre looked down upon in Poland at the time. Even before the fall of Communism, he went on to celebrate resounding successes with two jazz bands of his own beyond Poland’s borders. He thus received frequent invitations to major European festivals, though accepting them was not easy while the Iron Curtain was still in place. As a result, he decided in 1981 to emigrate – first to Switzerland, and then to Germany. He has since played together with innumerable big names and is firmly established in the top league of jazz.

With its stunningly beautiful and yet highly atmospheric sound, the Atom String Quartet is considered one of the most fascinating string quartets around. Through their association with Vladyslav Sendecki, the four musicians use the resources of a chamber music ensemble to explore new avenues of sound and form, also incorporating elements of Polish folk, world music and contemporary music.