Event Title

Robin Verheyen Quartet


Friday, 29. November 2019

16.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr - Jazz im Museum Tinguely


Robin Verheyen: tenor/soprano saxes

Marc Copland: piano 

Drew Gress: bass

Billy Hart: drums

Belgian-born Robin Verheyen, who now lives in New York and is regarded as a veritable rising star, has united three heavyweights from the US scene in his quartet.

It was with these musicians that he recorded his album When the Birds Leave in 2018, for which he composed a repertoire that perfectly captures the strong, highly individual personalities of all band members and that oscillates between forward-surging, emphatic and lyrically restrained moods. Early on in his career, Robin Verheyen fearlessly explored a whole host of musical genres, drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Bach, Messiaen and Senegalese rhythms, but his passion for the jazz tradition and the warm, sensuous sound of his virtuoso saxophone has forever been at the forefront.

Following a successful release tour and numerous acclaimed festival performances, he and his three experienced, high-calibre and internationally renowned band members are presenting the breathtakingly beautiful results of this devotion to music in Basel as part of a European tour. Celebrating their solid roots in the living tradition of jazz while keeping a mindful eye on the future, the four top-class musicians work together seamlessly in a spirit of mutual respect.