Event Title

In association with the Alpentöne music festival:
Andreas Gabriel Ensemble – Verändler


Friday, 30 august 2019

16.00 Uhr - 18.00 Uhr - Jazz im Museum Tinguely


Andreas Gabriel: Violin
Simon Heggendorn: Violin
Kristina Brunner: Cello
Fränggi Gehrig: Accordion
Jürg Nietlispach: Guitars/halszither
Pirmin Huber: Double bass/büchel
Albin Brun: Soprano/tenor saxophone
Balthasar Streit: Trumpet
Roger Konrad: Trombone/tenor horn/alphorn

The violinist and Nidwalden culture prize-winner Andreas Gabriel is one of the most virtuoso and imaginative figures in modern Swiss folk music.

With his outstanding ensemble of innovative (including some younger) Swiss folk musicians and their unusual instruments, his sophisticated, eclectic and captivating style brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. His works draw from the beauty of the old, archaic melodies, which he interprets with both contemporary musical understanding and forward-looking inspiration. This gives them a new, more unusual lease of life way beyond the boundaries of folk music. The “mini-symphony” entitled Verändler resonates with his sense of permanent change in the universal language of music.

Andreas Gabriel sees his blend of old and new as a bridge leading us from the traditional structures and melodies of folk music towards a new kind of folk for modern times. He does not play the two forms off against each other, but allows them to enter into a lively, exciting dialogue that proves beyond a doubt how knowledgeable and comfortable he is in both of these musical languages. His enthusiasm for bringing together the two worlds originated in 2018 with a commissioned work for the “Stubete am See” festival in Zurich, which was extremely well received by the audience.