Event Title

Sarah Chaksad Orchestra


Friday, 25 January 2018

4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Jazz at the Museum Tinguely


Julie Fahrer: vocals

Jonas Winterhalter, Octave Moritz, Charles Wagner, Hildegunn Oiseth: trumpet

Lukas Wyss, Lukas Briggen: trombone

Lucas Wirz: bass trombone

Paco Andreo: valve trombone

Pepe Auer: alto sax/clarinet/bass clarinet 

Andreas Böhlen: alto/soprano saxes/clarinet

Sarah Chaksad: alto/soprano saxes/flute/compositions

Cédric Gschwind: tenor sax/flute

Fabian Willmann: baritone/tenor saxes/bass clarinet/clarinet

Valentin Hebel: guitar

Sebastian Gieck: bass

Thomas Lüscher: piano

Eva Klesse: drums

Sarah Chaksad is a powerful talent and a brilliant saxophonist, composer and arranger. And she has a soft spot for big ensembles.

The combination of these qualities is a fortunate coincidence which sparked the creation, in 2012, of one of the most remarkable jazz orchestras of our time. Wherever Chaksad and her impressive band play, they give it their all. With their spirited, accentuated and stylistically confident sound, they were able to win over a wide audience and earn glowing praise from exacting critics right from the outset. Straying from the beaten track, Sarah Chaksad brings to life her own exciting, creative ideas of how a big band should sound. The result is stupendous, uncomplicated and refreshing with a dazzling variety of facets and tone colours, satisfying audiences with flawless quality and aesthetics.

Her compositions, created especially for the ensemble, are simultaneously intelligent and loaded with emotion. They offer sufficient scope to show off the combined strength of the finely attuned, seasoned and exceptionally talented musicians, while also providing ample freedom for improvisation. Sarah Chaksad discovered her fondness for ensembles during her studies at the Basel jazz school, where she played in the big band.