Event Title

CIA Seven Sins Ensemble


Friday, 28 February 2020

04.00 p.m. - 06.00 p.m. - Jazz at Museum Tinguely


Adrian Mears: trombone

Peter Madsen: piano

Aleksandra Lartseva: violin

Monica Tarcsay: violin

Simon Frick: viola

Bianca Riesner: cello

Herwig Hammerl: bass

Martin Grabher: drums

For this project, dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe, Peter Madsen has penned compositions with the requisite touch of mystery.


Two hundred years after the appearance of the stories by which he was so fascinated as a boy, he has expressed their rather dark, shadowy side in jazz tunes: exquisite, artistic and rich in diverse effect. With the same titles as Poe’s stories, they are interpreted by the top-class “Collective of Improvising Artists Seven Sins Ensemble” – fronted by a line-up of strong string players used by Madsen to give it such expressive concentration and heartfelt intimacy that they inescapably seem to conjure up scenes from films of Poe’s works. These eight outstanding musicians know exactly how to create that special atmosphere that does justice to this great author’s famous stories, which are still read to this day. Improvisation is also an important element.


Born in Wisconsin in 1955, Peter Madsen is as superb a pianist as he is a composer and arranger. He began his career in 1987, when he toured the USA and Europe with Stan Getz. Since then, more than 120 albums and over 500 compositions have attested to his inspired, unflagging creativity. Today he divides his time between New York and Austria, where he also teaches. He often tours worldwide with a variety of ensembles.